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Monday, July 25, 2011

Doctor Who Fall Return

So Doctor Who returns at the end of August with "Let's Kill Hitler," a title that I must admit I thought was a joke for quite the longest.  However, according to the new trailer, something may have backfired in that idea.  Very interested in seeing what happens with this.
"I think you have just saved my life!"  oops?
We will also get to see more of the lovely (but scary) Madame Kovarian.
I'll get you my pretty! And your little BABY too!
Watching the trailer, the eyepatch must mean something, for our Madame Kovarian is not the only one to sport it.  We also have this odd man playing chess:
Depth perception is overrated. 
and of course this chilling picture:
Now, as I doubt that River has eye problems for a short time in her life, the eye patch has to mean something.  I mean, it certainly does look sinister, especially as she turns in the clip, revealing that it isn't the River we know and love, but an earlier version.  I fear this might be when we witness her killing the "good man" who I HOPE is not the Doctor.  Very interested to see when this plays out.

During the clip it also shows bits of the Doctor getting shot by the "impossible Astronaut" which I'm sure there is a meaning behind the name, bringing me to believe that it is impossible because there is really no one inside, or it is the Doctor himself (it being impossible because the Doctor is not supposed to cross his own time stream).  However, others could be right about it being River in the suit and she kills the Doctor.  I just hope not.  It shows how the Doctor becomes very aware of the impending doom, and how he is able to invite his friends to the "show."
Hmm, maybe that's why River slapped me...
We are rejoined by some of our past favorite bad guys, such as the Weeping Angels, more Cybermen (you didn't think that Rory and the Doctor blowing up much of a CyberLegion was going to be the last we saw of them, did you?), Gangers (I think), The Silence, and several new ones.  Some scary doll looking things, one of which reminds me of Chucky, and a Ventriloquist Dummy.
We also get to see a few good guys return!  Craig, from "The Lodger," is shown in the trailer, as well as this, um, friendly face?

Of course, we have our favorite married companions, (and also, I have to have a pic of Rory...)

One thing I found interesting, in the hall the Doctor runs down, when he stops at a door we see this:

Matt being the 11th Doctor, this could be significant somehow.
I also thought this looked a little familiar:

Follow the White Rabbit, and where does it get me?
Seemed a little Alice in Wonderland.  Very interested to see where this half of the season takes us.

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