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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Canceling and waiting

Two of my least favorite things.  I waited and waited for Eureka to come back on.... for the second half of its 4th season (reminds me a bit of Doctor Who, except the wait was loooonger, nearly a whole year). And now I find out that they are canceling it after its 5th season.  That is terrible.  It is a good and successful show, and it is making the network money, but apparently not enough.  If they cancel Warehouse 13, I may never watch SyFy again.  (ok, thats a lie, its still hard to find any scifi shows elsewhere, except for BBCAmerica sometimes.)  I just hope they don't replace it with another Ghost Hunter show.  Although that does definitely fit the "Sci-fi" genre, in my opinion.  Still don't know why wrestling is on there.  Fiction? Sure.  Science Fiction? Not really.

Still waiting for Doctor Who, but the wait is so much shorter! Only a couple weeks now!  I think I liked it better when I was behind on the series though, knowing that I still had so many episodes to go and would only have to wait a short time.  I DVR'ed the first 4 seasons before I would let my husband start watching them, and we would watch maybe up to 5 episodes a night (after he got off work).  *sigh* good times.

Hopefully Doctor Who won't be canceled, although they have set it up so that if it is, they can have a nice little ending.  The Doctor dies. The End.  But I know so many people would raise a fuss, both in Britain and in America, so I don't think they are going to do that.  Doctor Who is such a cash cow right now.  I know I've got a Sonic Screwdriver, and so does my cousin.  I know many people with the seasons on DVD (I SO want them too!).  Plus all the swag they can sell at conventions.  I don't see why they would get rid of it.  So the Doctor can't die at the end of this or next season (although technically, I guess he died at the beginning of this season... I don't know what they can and can't do these days.  but I want my Doctor to stick around.)

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  1. I started to Boycott the Sci.Fi. channel a few years back for pretty much the same reason. So tired of them having a decent show that people watch, only to have it cancelled and replaced by a low budget show no one cares about. The straw that broke my back was after they destroyed Sliders, then cancelled Farscape to bring out Tremors the series. Kind of why I never get into Eureka and Warehouse 13.