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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Etsy and DeviantArt

Lately I've been working on collecting small pieces of nerdmorabilia, and I've found some really great stuff online.  Of course, nearly everything I look for has to do with Doctor Who, but there is some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Portal, Star Trek, and Anime related items.  Especially if it something cute that can go in the baby's room.  I'm pretty sure I would swoon over a Tenth Doctor Plushie. A couple things I thought were absolutely great from were:

Found Here
Of course, this beautiful handmade chess set it (rightly) nearly $600.  I think the idea is awesome, the execution exceptional, and the adipose incredibly cute! (Don't blink when the Master uses his Rooks though!)

If you aren't willing to drop that kind of money, there are always other things that could bring a smile to the Whovian face.
Found Here
I have always loved the idea of pictures for the numbers, although when I was younger I just wanted to have friends pictures.  Now that I'm just a rabid Whovian, I LOVE the idea of being able to say "It's just past Tennant O'Clock!" or "It's half past Tom Baker."  Granted, I could probably do that without the clock, and there would be those that would understand, but I still LOVE this clock!  Of course, you would have to get a new one when Matt Smith regenerates, but I can't get over how awesome this is.

On Etsy there are a lot more homemade items, such as buttons (TONS of buttons) bookmarks, t-shirts, shoes, jewelry, and crocheted things (TARDISes, Daleks, hats, even a Weeping Angel!), and they are all so great.  You should check it out! is where the artists LIVE!  I can't get over how talented these people are and I love that they are posting this amazingness where I get the chance to see it.  It's hard not to post everything, but here are a few of the wondrous things I've found:

Here is a cute one with the Tenth Doctor and his companions as chibis:

Doctor Who by *AndLatitude on deviantART

For those of you who were sad to see Christopher Eccleston go, and found this to be a touching moment:

Doctor Who - Parting of Ways by ~strawberrygina on deviantART

And like I said, I love Doctor Who, and My Little Pony....

Doctor Whoof by ~ARNie00 on deviantART

/\ about this... Doctor Whoof or Whooves is an actual background character in the new My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  They've shown him a couple of times, and of course fandom has run with it, in the way that all fandoms do.

Moving on to Star Trek...

Not That Kind of Doctor by ~Epiphany-Gun on deviantART

/\ Did I mention I really LOVE Doctor Who?  And these days it seems like fans from everywhere love it as well, and want to somehow put their loves together.  I mean, how else do you get My Little Pony and The Doctor together?  I could go on and on with DeviantArt.  I mean really, its the greatest melding of the artistic minds.

Did I forget Portal? My bad!
This is just great!