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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Interesting Development

So, with the eminent return of Doctor Who in just a couple of weeks, BBC has been putting up little snippets for us to see and freak out over. Such as this clip:

So, apparently they are getting attacked by mechanical jellyfish in Amy's mind.  After being miniaturized. WHAT?! lol.

And of course, many questions are raised with this clip:

Does this man have little men in his mind?  Very curious indeed. Also, who on earth is the woman who gets out of the Tardis with our crew?  I want to know whats going on!

Well, they did their job, they got me interested. Although, technically I was interested to begin with, but that doesn't matter.  Can't wait to see what's in store for us in "Let's Kill Hitler."

Many apologies if the clips make the page look odd.  They should work in this region though, although a lot of BBC videos don't.  Let me know if the links break!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Canceling and waiting

Two of my least favorite things.  I waited and waited for Eureka to come back on.... for the second half of its 4th season (reminds me a bit of Doctor Who, except the wait was loooonger, nearly a whole year). And now I find out that they are canceling it after its 5th season.  That is terrible.  It is a good and successful show, and it is making the network money, but apparently not enough.  If they cancel Warehouse 13, I may never watch SyFy again.  (ok, thats a lie, its still hard to find any scifi shows elsewhere, except for BBCAmerica sometimes.)  I just hope they don't replace it with another Ghost Hunter show.  Although that does definitely fit the "Sci-fi" genre, in my opinion.  Still don't know why wrestling is on there.  Fiction? Sure.  Science Fiction? Not really.

Still waiting for Doctor Who, but the wait is so much shorter! Only a couple weeks now!  I think I liked it better when I was behind on the series though, knowing that I still had so many episodes to go and would only have to wait a short time.  I DVR'ed the first 4 seasons before I would let my husband start watching them, and we would watch maybe up to 5 episodes a night (after he got off work).  *sigh* good times.

Hopefully Doctor Who won't be canceled, although they have set it up so that if it is, they can have a nice little ending.  The Doctor dies. The End.  But I know so many people would raise a fuss, both in Britain and in America, so I don't think they are going to do that.  Doctor Who is such a cash cow right now.  I know I've got a Sonic Screwdriver, and so does my cousin.  I know many people with the seasons on DVD (I SO want them too!).  Plus all the swag they can sell at conventions.  I don't see why they would get rid of it.  So the Doctor can't die at the end of this or next season (although technically, I guess he died at the beginning of this season... I don't know what they can and can't do these days.  but I want my Doctor to stick around.)