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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Doctor Who Obsession

Alright, so my husband says I'm obsessed because I like to talk about it a lot, and can find a Doctor Who reference in just about anything.  I just think its completely fascinating and since it has a lot of references to real world events, it's easy to see a correlation.  Sadly, it's in its summer break currently, something new they are trying, perhaps to get us ready for an even longer break in the series.
It seems that Doctor Who set the tone for all the Sci-Fi series coming out this year.  Start out with a BANG!  Run around like crazy, don't let people know whats going on, and leave them confused and curious.  Well, it may have set the bar a bit high, but there are those out there, like Eureka who tried to do it too.  But imagine, KILLING off the main character in the first episode back.  I don't think there are many Sci-Fi shows out there that CAN pull off something like that.  They also built up this big mystery around River Song, and while maybe they didn't think that many people in Britain would think of it, nearly everyone here in the states guessed that she was Amy's baby.  Although most of them went in the direction of  "...and the Doctor's baby" instead of "...and Rory's baby," but most people here don't realize its more of a children's and family show in the UK, and that would be downright scandalous.  Especially with all the affirming and reaffirming that Amy is in love with Rory, not the Doctor.  It was a huge deal when she snogged the snot out of him, I can't imagine what it would be like if it came out that she had a *gasp* affair with our dear Doctor.  No, I'm glad that Rory is the daddy.  And I LOVE how astoundingly awesome he was in "A Good Man Goes to War."  Which brings up my next topic...
      Who does River kill?  Everyone seems SO sure that it's the Doctor, but IS IT?  She says "A good man, greatest I've ever known," and then the title of the episode had "good man" in it as well, but the Doctor says a very important line: "Good men don't need rules.  Now is not the time to find out why I have so many."  So this, to me, means that he is NOT the "good man" that River killed.  Especially since where she grew up seems to be in the Gamma Forest and there the word "Doctor" seems to mean "Mighty Warrior." No, I think, sadly, that the "good man" in question is Rory.  I hope not, I LOVE Rory, and I don't want him to be killed off, but I really think it is.  Seems to fit.  He IS a good man.  And in the episode, he sure went to war, trying to find his wife.  Loved that scene.  Best episode intro EVER.
Do I need to repeat the question?

     AAAH! It just makes me that much more in love with Arthur Darvil.  He does a fantastic job, I would hate to lose him.  I'm just glad they put a bit more emphasis on him after him being such a background character to Amy's crazy confusedness, and having killed him off more times than anyone should ever be.  He has overcome death a lot, lived 2000 years, and is basically cooler than the Doctor at this point (if that is possible... not sure that it is).  For someone who only has one life, he sure dies a lot.

     And just gotta put this one in there, River on her birthday.  LOVE the dress. And she seems so happy.  Then overwhelmed at the sight of Rory.  Another reason why I think that she kills him.  Probably before she really realizes that he is her dad.  Then, in her future, she gets to know him and love him.
It's my birthday.

      I don't know what the Future Who has in store for us, but I am SO ready to find out.

EDIT: had to add this after I found it.

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