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Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Endeavor

For Christmas this year I was the lucky recipient of a brand new sewing machine, serger, and dressform. These are things that I have wanted quite badly for a long time. I am a huge nerd/geek, so I LOVE to cosplay.  This means making costumes of all kinds of anime, comic, cartoon, etc characters. Now I am easily able to!! WOO!
This also means I will be able to make all sorts of cute and awesome things for my child, and the children of my friends!!!

AAAAND!!! My favorite part? Costuming in general.  Thats right, I will likely be making costumes for the general public to purchase.

So happy day! I will post pictures as they happen, with the reference photo and in progress shots as well!

I was in the top 5 for a Doctor Who cosplay contest as River Song! I didn't win, but I was top five in the NATION in the BBCAmerica contest! The contest is over now, but it was VERY exciting!

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